Friday, July 31, 2009

OneTJ CS Tournament Day One

OneTJ Counter Strike 1.6 Poster

Yes, the imbalance! Well it's DotA mock cheque prize won by Gizmo Gamer's team mixes last time at Madnet and not CS mock cheque prizes which is for the present OneTJ's. Take for fun... Onto the next!

As OneTJ one of the " Four Marshalls xD but only RoYcE, Daos was in pre-tourney day as JiNG, MeTeoRz didn't arrived" , I was to check around the PC equipments and stuffs to initiate the famous epic FPS game Counter Strike 1.6 ! And I did perform quite good by free-playing at cs_mansion as the lead score with AWP. My usual favourite lah!

Meet one of the local's best teams 5v5 on the road!

Behind the scenes, testing and ready-to-go!

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