Friday, July 10, 2009

MyGarena -ARSP DotA Season 1

The game rules from organiser :
- The bracket above will be started at 12 July and end at 17 July. Mean, if you are in the 7pm group, you are recommended to play it at 7pm everyday start from 12 July to 17 July. You get 0 score per game you missed. Check your score at after your game finished.
- The game will be continue if some players dced. The player who dced will get 0 score also. You will only get score if you stay until the throne/tree is destroyed.

It's a nice outcome assuming I have never touched TerrorBlade in 5v5 for many months as my role for competitive DotA at the moment was more focused on Ganking and Supportive role. So in terms of online tournament, I treat it as public play and fix team capability for future. The opponent just lack pretty much teamwork and that goes into our winning advantage further. I might join the online tournament again if the time fits the other day. [DoP]RollsRoyce wishes good luck to other player on different time schedule for matchup!

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