Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Defeat Zapdos At Pokemon GO

Zapdos is a Level 5 / Legendary Tier Raid Boss. It is one of the Legendary Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. You cannot defeat it easily by going solo. We recommend at least 12 players to take Zapdos down with ease.

As known, Zapdos is a ELECTRIC and FLYING type and there are few Pokemon's with strong counters.

CP of Zapdos Raid Boss is 42961 CP and it has Max Capture CP of 1902.

Based on reliable China source, there are 6 best counters against Zapdos. Translated into English as BELOW!!!

Golem - Rock Throw | Stone Edge
Tyranitar - Bite | Stone Edge
Dragonite - Dragon Breath | Outrage
Rhydon - Rock Smash | Stone Edge
Jinx - Frost Breath | Avalanche
Poliswine - Ice Shard | Avalanche


Zapdos is weak against ICE / ROCK type skills and it's super effective! So, grab more Dragonite's and Tyranitar if you must. If your raid group have players below Level 25, make sure they get whatever ROCK type Pokemon's to survive and deliver some battle supports.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Desktop PC & Laptop

25 years of PC gaming back when Red Alert 1 was made. I remembered the times when I played 8-bit games around the 90's era and now we have evolved into the Gen Y industry. Having saved a lot of money to divide into two personal gadgets to use. Here's my midrange PC and laptop I have used along my gaming journey!

Now, I had intention to upgrade my laptop's HDD into SSD as a start and up to 8GB RAM possible. With AMD Ryzen released, I might need to save a lot more before I can change my i5 3570 processor into their awesome one's estimated around RM7xx as replacement in future. Enjoy gaming!

Desktop PC


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pentium G4560

Why choose Intel Pentium G4560 over your older i3 and i5 model? The answer here is "Value". This is the very first time you hear in 2017 that Pentium undergoes Hyper Threading technology and with that 2 Core 4 Thread norm in this spectacular budget CPU, you are actually comparable to those with i3 7th gen users in mind.

It also uses Kaby Lake as it's name for the processor and it's widely new. Here's a quote from several online articles that has proven that G4560 is worth your 2017 budget and the slow economy across the globe.

Quote from

"To test the Pentium G4560, we put together a budget-orientated PC gaming set-up. The Z270 boards we've previously used for reviewing the unlocked Core 'K' chips are replaced with a more modest MSI B250 Mortar board. The B250 chipset has no CPU overclocking facilities whatsoever, making motherboards based on this set-up better suited for a budget build. However, the B250 chipset has a secret weapon - support for 2400MHz DDR4 memory, compared to the 2133MHz limit on RAM imposed on all Skylake processors. We've yet to confirm it, but even cheaper H110 boards may support 2400MHz RAM too - but it will require an updated BIOS.

But the point is that this support for additional memory bandwidth is significant. Prior Digital Foundry processor reviews have found a distinct relationship between CPU performance in gaming and faster memory. This is especially significant for lower-end chips like the Core i3 line and the Pentium G4560 - because you are far more likely to be CPU-bound using one of these chips, so anything that can push up lowest recorded frame-rates is obviously a good thing. And this is borne out in the benchmarks where the move from 2133MHz DDR4 to the new 2400MHz standard effectively allows the Pentium to overcome its clock-speed disadvantage against the Core i3 6100. In six out of the seven games we tested, the G4560 with 2400MHz DDR4 matches the performance of an i3 6100 paired with slower memory."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

AMD Ryzen Price Leak

AMD Ryzen have been releasing their price to several sources and it was by then leaked around early February 2017. The chart below shows the Ryzen processors that is going to ship and battle against i5 and i7 series from Intel. It looks promising as even the Ryzen 5 series may outclass the likes of i7 7th-Gen processor series.

Then again, which Ryzen series are you going for? The budget type or the midrange one's? I would prefer to wait until the official announcement at 28th February which is next Tuesday for the announcement.

In my whole opinion, I would still prefer Intel as they offer the most recent Kaby Lake processor called G4560 which is far more convincing than choose the pricey Ryzen series unless your up for it. I'll be posting about why choosing Pentium G4560 is much better for your CPU value and how it saves your budget for another future upgrade.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It's official. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. This December. #TheLastJedi

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Graphics Card Buyer’s Guide – January 2017

Credits to

This is by far the best website to measure what you should get or what you should need to skip. As for the best budget for people with extremely tight budget, GT 730 is good to go despite criticism about it being cheap and unreliable. Trust me, it still works on common games you play nowadays excluding AAA titles.

Also, if you wanted a better midrange budget GPU, go for RX 460 or 1050 Ti. And for the richie rich of gamers, you can opt for 1070 to 1080 series that is released recently from 2016 and now expanding until 2017.

There is also news rumor of NVIDIA Volta and I believed that would be announced in forth quarter of 2017 while AMD is also having their next-gen GPU which is named Vega. How much would they fare?

We should find out while enjoying our current GPU's until late 2020 to see new changes ahead!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

So, after upgrading for over a decade, I pumped up closer to a great GPU from Geforce brand. Goodbye to my R7 260x from Radeon, it served me well for the 3 years plus but it wasn't enough. After pushing my budget limit, I managed to grab hold of it and there you go!

For those who wants to play Ultra Settings for next-gen games, I advise to purchase Radeon RX460 or Geforce 1050 series as you can bare for another 5-10 years of gaming. Nevertheless, Royce have wasted more than RM10K+++ for so many CPU I have when I was young but after I'm older, I set the rules.

DIY Gaming PC for LIFE!!!