Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Defeat Zapdos At Pokemon GO

Zapdos is a Level 5 / Legendary Tier Raid Boss. It is one of the Legendary Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. You cannot defeat it easily by going solo. We recommend at least 12 players to take Zapdos down with ease.

As known, Zapdos is a ELECTRIC and FLYING type and there are few Pokemon's with strong counters.

CP of Zapdos Raid Boss is 42961 CP and it has Max Capture CP of 1902.

Based on reliable China source, there are 6 best counters against Zapdos. Translated into English as BELOW!!!

Golem - Rock Throw | Stone Edge
Tyranitar - Bite | Stone Edge
Dragonite - Dragon Breath | Outrage
Rhydon - Rock Smash | Stone Edge
Jinx - Frost Breath | Avalanche
Poliswine - Ice Shard | Avalanche


Zapdos is weak against ICE / ROCK type skills and it's super effective! So, grab more Dragonite's and Tyranitar if you must. If your raid group have players below Level 25, make sure they get whatever ROCK type Pokemon's to survive and deliver some battle supports.

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