Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ayam Goreng McD

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tekken 6 BR Tournament 2010

Date: 25th Sept 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm - 7pm
Venue: Swinburne Sarawak Campus Auditorium
Registration details:
Registration fee: RM25/person
Closing date: 24th Sept 2010, 5pm/ 32 players limit reached

Grand prize: Tekken limited edition arcade joystick bundle worth RM500
Consolation prizes: total worth RM 200 for top 8 players

Registration forms and tournament rules are available at Swinburne Student Council Office.

Contact Rob at 016-8852246 for more info.

**PS3 Console version**

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ICT Utopia CS :Source

EVENT NAME: Counter-Strike: Source ICT Utopia Gaming Arena Tournament
DURATION: 18/09/2010 – 19/09/2010 (Check in time is at 10:30am, matches start at 11am)
REGISTRATION PERIOD: 06/09/2010 – 16/09/2010
TEAM LIMIT: 16 (First come, first serve)
PRIZES: Champion – RM 1000 | 2nd Place – RM 500 | 3rd Place – RM 250
*EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION* For this event only! All registered team members for this tournament will get a discount for Counter-Strike: Source retail pack (market price = RM79.90) at RM60! This promotion is only available at the e-Club shop booth at the ICT Utopia Gaming Arena!
REGISTRATION METHOD: Walk in and email.
You can pick up the physical registration forms from the ICT Utopia Gaming Arena, fill them up and pass them up there.
1) Download the registration form from the link above.
2) Fill in the details in the registration form. There are various methods for this but the easiest is to download and install the program Foxit and use it to edit the form.
3) Rename the document to your team name for easier reference.
4) Fill in the required fields with all the team member information.
5) Attach the zip file to your email, addressed to and cc to and with the title ‘ICT UTOPIA GAMING ARENA – CS:S – TEAM NAME’ with ‘TEAM NAME’ being the name of your team.
6) If your registration is successful, we will reply your email with the content stating that your registration is successful.
Registered team list will be shown only after the registration period is over.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Get ready folks, there will be more DotA action heading your way soon. The people responsible for WDC have just released more details regarding their Asian qualifier.
Malaysia AEON.MUFC
Thailand Roccat.Trust
Vietnam StarsBoba
Australia MCiTY
Indonesia AlienwareDG
Philippines Mski.Infinity
The Asian qualifier will be held from 20th September until 20th October with a maximum of 32 slots being opened to the public for registration. Along with the eight invited teams, they will fight it out to determine which four teams will be able to head to China to compete in the Grand Final.

The qualifiers will be no cake walk for anyone as the organizers have done it in such a way that only the very best teams will prevail. There will be two stages for the playoffs. The first stage will be done with all the 32 registered teams whereby they will play a Bo1 single elimination bracket. When only eight teams remain, they will join the invited 8 teams in another playoff stage. This time a Bo3 single elimination bracket. In the end, the top four teams will be qualified for the Grand Final event.

Interested? Register now by sending the following details
-Team name and country
-Team Leader's Garena ID or contact details
-Players Garena ID
-The team's past achievements
-The team's sponsorship condition.

Registration closes 20th September 20:00 GMT+8

Source :

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Italian Beef Noodle

The Spring, 3rd Floor's Ting Noodle House (RM7.50 - Italian Beef Noodle)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Battle Punks

With the ever-growing popularity of Facebook games, we're starting to see an evolution in terms of presentation. More and more games are moving beyond the flat 2D cartoon-style art into the world of 3D. Granted it's not the level you would see on your PS3, but it's pretty good.

Battle Punks, which has just gone into open Beta, is one of these games, and it's quite possibly the best-looking game we've seen on the platform so far.

What Is It?
Battle Punks is a fighting game, where you create a customized player and purchase or earn weapons, shields, and ability boosts in order to up your chances for a win against another player.

Why It Matters
The graphics really are a step above most other Facebook games, and are just about to the level you would see on the Wii. By improving graphics and introducing more non-simulation elements to Facebook games, developers are widening their already huge appeal to include more hardcore gamers.

How to Play
You start the game by creating your own customized Battle Punk. You have options for hair, clothes, and skin color. Later on in the game you can purchase additional clothes with the gold you earn in battles. You start with a basic weapon and are thrown right into a battle.

You can size up your competition before choosing to battle them by looking at the number of weapons they have equipped, whether they have a shield, and whether they have any ability boosts. Once you choose to battle, the game takes control while you watch the fight unfold (it's very similar to how Spore Islands works). The strategy comes in properly equipping your character before entering battle to up your chance of winning. This becomes more challenging as you only have a limited amount of space in your inventory.

Each battle costs a certain amount of energy, and if your energy meter is depleted, you need to wait for it to fill up before taking on any more battles, or you can purchase additional energy using in-game currency, which can in turn be purchased with real money.

By winning battles, you gain experience and gold as well the option to earn additional loot, like a weapon or ability boost. As you level up, you get more health and more space in your inventory to equip weapons and boosts.

Each area of the game has a shop that will have certain weapons, clothes, shields, and boosts for sale. At these shops, you can also purchase additional map pieces, which allow you to enter other areas of the world, if your level is high enough.

Though the game doesn't currently support the ability to directly battle your friends, developer Gravity Bear says that will be coming soon along with additional items and upgrades.

Facebook Forecast: Will Anyone Play?
It's likely the game will gain players thanks to its pretty graphics. The simple gameplay also makes it accessible to a very wide audience. Whether the game will have enough depth to keep players coming back will remain to be seen as new features are added.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

HoN SEA Qualifiers

After we got our final eight for the SEA qualifiers they duked it out to get themselves closer to those awesome SteelSeries headsets that await the champion.

The results for our final eight. RAK had to take down their own countrymen PSY to proceed to the semi-finals. While with GT vs SHE, the Malaysians managed to dispatch their neighbors to net their slot in the semis.

NvD gets a default win due to 4b forfeiting their game because they could not field five players. But don't worry 4b will still play the group stages. And finally iMp triumphs over Lesg to head into the semis as well.

Semi-Finalist HoN SEA Team