Saturday, September 11, 2010


Get ready folks, there will be more DotA action heading your way soon. The people responsible for WDC have just released more details regarding their Asian qualifier.
Malaysia AEON.MUFC
Thailand Roccat.Trust
Vietnam StarsBoba
Australia MCiTY
Indonesia AlienwareDG
Philippines Mski.Infinity
The Asian qualifier will be held from 20th September until 20th October with a maximum of 32 slots being opened to the public for registration. Along with the eight invited teams, they will fight it out to determine which four teams will be able to head to China to compete in the Grand Final.

The qualifiers will be no cake walk for anyone as the organizers have done it in such a way that only the very best teams will prevail. There will be two stages for the playoffs. The first stage will be done with all the 32 registered teams whereby they will play a Bo1 single elimination bracket. When only eight teams remain, they will join the invited 8 teams in another playoff stage. This time a Bo3 single elimination bracket. In the end, the top four teams will be qualified for the Grand Final event.

Interested? Register now by sending the following details
-Team name and country
-Team Leader's Garena ID or contact details
-Players Garena ID
-The team's past achievements
-The team's sponsorship condition.

Registration closes 20th September 20:00 GMT+8

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