Sunday, January 31, 2010

DotA Pride Asia

Appointed as observer for Razer VS Ct game

Summary of battle between Razer VS Ct :
The battle generally goes in favor to team Razer as their hero Sniper has dominated the game totally by farming well and ganking rough throughout the 5v5 wars. Unfortunately, one of the Ct players had Spectre with unstable connection thus the game continued with 5v4 but still Razer leading the overall game despite the disconnection. It all end with the word "gg" by team Ct players and thus the game winner goes to team Razer. First game I've observed right when I'm really free was suppose to be this and live on Garena's DotA Pride Asia League Room.

To gain access to this special league room, you are required to be vouched/supported by creating a thread at MyMGN community fulfilling the needs of the nickname , country , recommended replays to get a chance to get in with all the great players around the world and play. I'm expecting more to come! MY.RollsRoyce as one of the latest contender within the league.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sugarbun Prosperity Meals

Prosperity meal fish rice set cost RM10.75

Sugarbun cheque and some coins

OneTJ Shopping Mall
Sarawak , Kuching

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mars CyberZone DotA Tournament 2010

For more inquiry please call :

014 - 3908988 (Seng)
014 - 6969868 (Hak)
014 - 6878288 (Sim)

Participating Team for Mars Tourney on 5th-7th February 2010:
1. |z`[MARS]
2. uC[MARS]
3. Dgs[MARS]
5. GMT lakia
6. GMT U can't c me
7. GMT No Mercy
10. CozeeII Anything La
11. CozeeII F.Final
12. S.O.S
13. Acid
14. OMG
15. Saint
16. Rv|G^
18. A.K.A
19. Clownz
20. Kinki
21. Gizmo Gaming M|x
22. VanQ
23. Akatsuki.MY
24. A|...xE
25. Outlawz
26. Xclusive Gaming
27. CG
28. 1 Malaysia
29. H.V
30. X|ao^np
31. ImbaGods Gaming

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MaDNet Outlawz

Team MaDNet Outlawz is reborned with new team sponsor from Mad.Net cyber cafe at Sarawak region and will be venturing in offline/online tournament! Previous tag was suppose to be cL Oz but eventually leave with an agreement from the previous cyber cafe and joined the current cyber cafe mentioned earlier. So stay tune to the current DotA scenes in East Malaysia!

Team name: MaDNet Outlawz

Team Manager: MY.RollsRoyce

Team Leader: MaDNet.X|aOYayA

Team members:

Substitute/s: Gstar-jay ,hacker-ft.eken|

Monday, January 11, 2010

Paradise CC Malaysia DotA 5 v 5 Garena Tournament

Paradise CC Malaysia 5 v 5 Tournament Supported by Garena

Tournament side : 32 Teams

Format : Single elimination , Best Of One Matches (1st round - Quarter finals) , Best Of Three matches (Semi-finals and Final)

Tournament Room : Malaysia Clan War Room 04
War3 RPG >> Malaysia >> Malaysia Clan War Room 04

Prize :
->Champion : RM150 , 1month Premium Membership + 5000exp for each player.
->1st Runner : RM80 , 15 day's Premium Membership + 4000exp for each player.
->2nd Runner : RM50 , 7 day's Premium Membership + 3000exp for each player.

Duration of Tournament :

->> Week 1 , Register (11 Jan 2010 - 17 Jan 2010)
->> Week 2 , Round 1 match Start (18 Jan 2010 - 24 Jan 2010)
->> Week 3 , Round 2 match Start (25 Jan 2010 - 31 Jan 2010) Quarter Final
->> Week 4 , Round 3 match Start (1 Feb 2010 - 7 Feb 2010) Semi-Final [ Live Stream On Garena Tv ]
->> Week 5 , (Round 4 Grand Final Match 8 Feb 2010 - 11 Feb 2010 ) Grand Final [ Live Stream On Garena Tv ]
Note : (Make sure the Grand Final Match play it before CNY )

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (湾岸ミッドナイト MAXIMUM TUNE, Wangan Middonaito Makishimamu Chūn?) is an arcade racing game based on a manga entitled Wangan Midnight, which follows street racing on Tokyo's Metropolitan highway.

The latest edition is the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX, which runs on the System N2. It has 4 game modes (Story, Ghost Battle, 10 Outrun, and Time Attack). No modes have been added since MT3 and MT3DX, and the demo cars in TA mode is removed in WMMT3DX.

Friday, January 1, 2010

KODE5 DotA Tourney

Since the conclusion of their last DotA tournament back in 2008(1st Season), fans have been wondering when the next KODE5 DotA will occur. Wait no longer as MSI and KODE5 joins hand to host KODE5 DotA Big Bang Tournament(2nd Season).

MSI will be sponsoring the prizes for the winners of this tournament in the form of their latest motherboard - The Big Bang Trinergy. Besides MSI, Razer will be providing their range of gaming gear to the winners of this tournament.

To make sure that the very best teams are chosen to compete, three different tournaments will run simultaneously between 1st January to 5th February 2010 at three different regions, namely America, Asia and Europe. The top four in their respective regions will then proceed to the World finals to be held between 5th February to 5th March where the champions will be crowned.

Joined TNT.Gaming for last year's KODE5 DotA and it was a very exciting online match. Played 2 match and then losing to Fnatic.DotA. It was worth the gains. Now it's time for the new era of KODE5!

Participated in Asia KODE5 2nd Season with team Outlawz and joining MyGG Season 4 tournament as well. Managed to participated over 5 tournaments for the online team venture.

Team Outlawz's Track Record
MHLR - Season #10 , #11
MyGG - Season #2 , #3 , #4
KODE5 - Season #2