Sunday, January 31, 2010

DotA Pride Asia

Appointed as observer for Razer VS Ct game

Summary of battle between Razer VS Ct :
The battle generally goes in favor to team Razer as their hero Sniper has dominated the game totally by farming well and ganking rough throughout the 5v5 wars. Unfortunately, one of the Ct players had Spectre with unstable connection thus the game continued with 5v4 but still Razer leading the overall game despite the disconnection. It all end with the word "gg" by team Ct players and thus the game winner goes to team Razer. First game I've observed right when I'm really free was suppose to be this and live on Garena's DotA Pride Asia League Room.

To gain access to this special league room, you are required to be vouched/supported by creating a thread at MyMGN community fulfilling the needs of the nickname , country , recommended replays to get a chance to get in with all the great players around the world and play. I'm expecting more to come! MY.RollsRoyce as one of the latest contender within the league.

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