Thursday, January 14, 2010

MaDNet Outlawz

Team MaDNet Outlawz is reborned with new team sponsor from Mad.Net cyber cafe at Sarawak region and will be venturing in offline/online tournament! Previous tag was suppose to be cL Oz but eventually leave with an agreement from the previous cyber cafe and joined the current cyber cafe mentioned earlier. So stay tune to the current DotA scenes in East Malaysia!

Team name: MaDNet Outlawz

Team Manager: MY.RollsRoyce

Team Leader: MaDNet.X|aOYayA

Team members:

Substitute/s: Gstar-jay ,hacker-ft.eken|


George said...

You're the manager/owner of madnet?

RoYcE said...

Btw who are you? I'm a team manager for the current MaDNet DotA team and plays once in a while. The owner is Kai.

ProMaGic said... ProMaGic here,did u mind to let me know the address of Mars CyberZone??I Think i will Join that competition...

Eken said...