Friday, January 1, 2010

KODE5 DotA Tourney

Since the conclusion of their last DotA tournament back in 2008(1st Season), fans have been wondering when the next KODE5 DotA will occur. Wait no longer as MSI and KODE5 joins hand to host KODE5 DotA Big Bang Tournament(2nd Season).

MSI will be sponsoring the prizes for the winners of this tournament in the form of their latest motherboard - The Big Bang Trinergy. Besides MSI, Razer will be providing their range of gaming gear to the winners of this tournament.

To make sure that the very best teams are chosen to compete, three different tournaments will run simultaneously between 1st January to 5th February 2010 at three different regions, namely America, Asia and Europe. The top four in their respective regions will then proceed to the World finals to be held between 5th February to 5th March where the champions will be crowned.

Joined TNT.Gaming for last year's KODE5 DotA and it was a very exciting online match. Played 2 match and then losing to Fnatic.DotA. It was worth the gains. Now it's time for the new era of KODE5!

Participated in Asia KODE5 2nd Season with team Outlawz and joining MyGG Season 4 tournament as well. Managed to participated over 5 tournaments for the online team venture.

Team Outlawz's Track Record
MHLR - Season #10 , #11
MyGG - Season #2 , #3 , #4
KODE5 - Season #2

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