Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Li Garden Restaurant

Li Garden Restaurant, Hock Lee Center.

"The recent visit to eat wide range of food >->"

Noodle with some chicken meats and mushrooms!

Mix this small roti prata thingy with the Beijing Duck dish!

Glutinous rice with a delicate soup feel~

:O !!! Beijing Duck's skin meat! Yummy but oily >->"

Cucumbers anyone?

That's what Mario ate to become a fire breathing human torch!

Fresh fish for the whole!

Peach empire with yams and oranges... Not my favorite but overall good :3

Stay tune for more delicious foods you have ever wanted!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Apple Pizza Hut Combo

Yummy donuts waiting fer ya ~.~

What's that? Is that a candy? Is that sugar? It's hammer time!

Pepperoni Delight?!

Hawaiian Chicken pizza :3~

Garlic bread munching?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2

Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2

(credits to mirror moon official website)

Giant Robots. One-on-one beam saber action. Macross Missile Massacre (tm). The only thing that would make this game better would be online multi-player capability. Oh yeah, it has that too.

This free Gundam clone offers surprisingly addicting gameplay and lets you indulge that fantasy you've always had ever since you saw your first Gundam anime. 3-D arenas pitting teams of mecha against each other makes the gameplay just like the Gundam Arcade game in Japan, which is similar to Armored Core and Virtual On, but you don't have to blow 100 yen each time you want to play.

Produced by Y. Kamada (YSK), who has given us his approval to make this installer, this game has the following ways of giving you your Gundam-piloting fix:

  • Survival Mode: Fight until you drop.
  • Practice Mode: Go ahead, bully the defenseless computer!
  • Team Battle Mode: Ever wonder what it was like to pit one army of mecha against another?
  • Blitz Tactics Mode: One army versus another, but with giant warships too.
  • Online Competition Mode: Because destroying your friends is always more satisfying.
  • Custom Pilot Creation: We all love the default cat pilots, but the game also includes the option of using your own avatar pic and different voiced effects, even your own! Don't worry, the cats aren't offended. Base Installer includes custom Ryuusoul pilot (my ego knows no bounds).

Some screenshots that i have taken from !

My own reviews towards this game :

Gameplay 8.5/10
Fun Factor 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sounds 7/10

Overall 8.5/10 !!! Beyond Satisfactory!!!

To download this game, i have copied the links for the ease of gamers alike below!

It's just 56 MB ONLY!

NOTE : Remember to have Direct x 9.0c to minimize compability problems!

Requirements are at low details!

Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2 Stand-alone Installer

HTTP Mirror (US)
HTTP Mirror (EU)
HTTP Mirror (AU)

Most importantly, have fun at Bootfighter!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ The Spring

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee was newly opened at The Spring, Sarawak. They serve very nice donuts and they are going to open more outlets throughout several countries! Good donuts i must say, crunchy and yummy is all you eat in every donuts they made! Soft and fluffy!

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee logo

Different varieties of donuts? Which do you want to take for supper? :3

Zomgs!!! The ring of donut factions!

And there you have it, the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee's box consisting of several donuts to be bought by customers alike!

Please make sure to get a chomp out of this nice chewy donuts!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Faction War Between Capella and Procyon

Venus Server : War Channel 32's screenshots taken!

Breaking through 2 players in Desert Scream!

Targeting 3 players with fellow Capella faction members while they actually attacked other characters o.O

Activating Battle Mode 2 : Astral Lancer for the honor point farming! Eliminate all opposing factions and civilians in this channel 32 of Venus!

Recently, i have uploaded lots of photos from CabalSEA as i'm currently addicted to it. So, from around this few months, i'll be updating on CabalSEA's screen shots and stuff. It'll only be time before i really get bored of the MMORPG, but i'm trying my best to enjoy it as much as possible!

NOTE: Foods and stuffs will still be blogged. Stay in touch! Bloggers!!!

Enjoy the screen shots overall!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Friendly DotA Match 2V2

Played a 2v2 DotA match recently and really did missed this popular map for a while. Was like a months idled and just seeing my friend and other friend play for fun. Finally, got into a cyber cafe to play. It reminds me how nice DotA was in the past. Anyway i just took two photos of the DotA scoreboards in-game and also what character i'm using.

My friend SpermlinkerZ made single draft match for this game with the blacken out nickname team mate. Chosed Vengeful Spirit and team with another friend YunQii. Still a memorable DotA match to me. Thanks for the game! ^^

My Vengeful Spirit was around LV19 before The Scourge wins the game.

An actual footage of the near end game scoreboards!

I'll try my best to bring in more game screen shots and also foods galore!!! Stay tune! :3

Saturday, April 5, 2008

CabalSEA's Warrior Pose

Official CabalSEA and other Cabal Online version's Warrior Art...

Fantastic isn't it?

Wait till you see the following similar pose!

Doesn't this pose looks exactly the same to the one's you saw in CabalSEA's official website? =3

And also!!! Activating Whirlwind (G.Master Skills : Warrior) in Channel 32 War. Capella VS Procyon Nation War at large!

Ahh... just a normal blog entry updated! Hope you like it XD!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hero Online - MMORPG Played Around 2006 !

A MMORPG I've played during Year 2006 3rd quarters. It was a pleasant and unique game because it focuses on lots of skills leveling and such. Moreover, I've retired at Hero Online when i reached around LV40s around. The reason i blogged it up is due to my searchings in my hard disc space to found a few screen shots that has made memories of games I've played. So the following would be screen shots you can take a look at!

Around leveling maps! I've still remembered this area as it's a hunting area for LV20s to LV30s.

Selling items and had a taken screen shots of it =3!

That time, I've lots of equipments that is +5 and a very standard for leveling and PKing.

If you notice, I had a Grey Bear with me. Pets are available when your at LV20s and above. They serve you in attacking your enemies.

The epic moment of a game is when most characters in-game tries to take out a event boss. Just click it once and enlarge to see the gigantic looking boss which looks similar to Pit Lord from Warcraft III.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

CabalSEA Official Release : Max Level 100 Achievement Of RollsRoyce (Warrior) Again!

Reaching Max Level 100 is a kind of a level achievement goals in MMORPGs. Reaching it requires patiences, skills and efforts to achieved such success! I'm satisfied with all my leveling process throughout the CabalSEA game. Next, I'll show a few screen shots of my character. To level fast around LV80s-100s, you need to have lots of time to train at Undead Ground, Ruina Station, Lake In Dusk or Forgotten Ruins. If possible as stated, those maps are the way to achieve the max level of CabalSEA's official max level cap. So I'll stop my entries here and proceed to the screenshots!

Owhh kay... I had chosen Capella as my " Nation War " side.

Using Sword Cannon at Forgotten Ruins...

Buffing my skills at Green Despair. =3 Woot! Sounds max level 100 to me! @.@!

Mass killing channel 32 of Venus Server. It's the same applied for Mercury Server. Channel 32 is a war-based channel. Kill all you can! Remember that if you haven't reached LV95s and done the nation quest requiring LV95, your names will be scribbled and became anonymous to proof that you don't belong to any 2 factions (Capella or Procyon) . Thus, you'll be titled as numeric numbers that can be killed anytime. So mainly, war channels are meant for high level characters to pit up their power.

Jumps and ready to take a finishing blow ahead =3!