Monday, April 7, 2008

Friendly DotA Match 2V2

Played a 2v2 DotA match recently and really did missed this popular map for a while. Was like a months idled and just seeing my friend and other friend play for fun. Finally, got into a cyber cafe to play. It reminds me how nice DotA was in the past. Anyway i just took two photos of the DotA scoreboards in-game and also what character i'm using.

My friend SpermlinkerZ made single draft match for this game with the blacken out nickname team mate. Chosed Vengeful Spirit and team with another friend YunQii. Still a memorable DotA match to me. Thanks for the game! ^^

My Vengeful Spirit was around LV19 before The Scourge wins the game.

An actual footage of the near end game scoreboards!

I'll try my best to bring in more game screen shots and also foods galore!!! Stay tune! :3

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