Thursday, April 3, 2008

CabalSEA Official Release : Max Level 100 Achievement Of RollsRoyce (Warrior) Again!

Reaching Max Level 100 is a kind of a level achievement goals in MMORPGs. Reaching it requires patiences, skills and efforts to achieved such success! I'm satisfied with all my leveling process throughout the CabalSEA game. Next, I'll show a few screen shots of my character. To level fast around LV80s-100s, you need to have lots of time to train at Undead Ground, Ruina Station, Lake In Dusk or Forgotten Ruins. If possible as stated, those maps are the way to achieve the max level of CabalSEA's official max level cap. So I'll stop my entries here and proceed to the screenshots!

Owhh kay... I had chosen Capella as my " Nation War " side.

Using Sword Cannon at Forgotten Ruins...

Buffing my skills at Green Despair. =3 Woot! Sounds max level 100 to me! @.@!

Mass killing channel 32 of Venus Server. It's the same applied for Mercury Server. Channel 32 is a war-based channel. Kill all you can! Remember that if you haven't reached LV95s and done the nation quest requiring LV95, your names will be scribbled and became anonymous to proof that you don't belong to any 2 factions (Capella or Procyon) . Thus, you'll be titled as numeric numbers that can be killed anytime. So mainly, war channels are meant for high level characters to pit up their power.

Jumps and ready to take a finishing blow ahead =3!

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