Friday, April 4, 2008

Hero Online - MMORPG Played Around 2006 !

A MMORPG I've played during Year 2006 3rd quarters. It was a pleasant and unique game because it focuses on lots of skills leveling and such. Moreover, I've retired at Hero Online when i reached around LV40s around. The reason i blogged it up is due to my searchings in my hard disc space to found a few screen shots that has made memories of games I've played. So the following would be screen shots you can take a look at!

Around leveling maps! I've still remembered this area as it's a hunting area for LV20s to LV30s.

Selling items and had a taken screen shots of it =3!

That time, I've lots of equipments that is +5 and a very standard for leveling and PKing.

If you notice, I had a Grey Bear with me. Pets are available when your at LV20s and above. They serve you in attacking your enemies.

The epic moment of a game is when most characters in-game tries to take out a event boss. Just click it once and enlarge to see the gigantic looking boss which looks similar to Pit Lord from Warcraft III.

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