Monday, December 31, 2012


New year resolution anyone?! I decided to list a few I have thought of in my blog.

So here's my resolution list:

Firsly, I will like to achieve top rankings at Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at Sarawak and of course the entire Malaysia in a close battle or arcadegaming standard.

Secondly, I will also try my best to form a decent team to join some Dota 2 local tournaments and perhaps work myself in WCG or SMM events if needed with some ties at West Malaysia.

Thirdly, I have a fine relationship with my girlfriend called Lilian almost over 7 months. She's rather nice and stable compared what I faced in the crappy past which should be totally removed from sight and effort because it's too cheap to be mentioned. That pretty much means some old blog entry concerning that fugly shit will be invalid forever. I know my quality well and weakness so I will work this on especially clumsiness or being too lazy.

Forth, I will try my best to take a good Degree job after graduating but in the meantime enjoy some holiday trip at KL or Singapore.

Fifth, I would like to thank everyone who visited my blog and wish you all a happy new year.

Sixth, I would like to own myself a PS3 and play at my room to excel my prowess at Street Fighter X Tekken etc.

Seventh, the team called Celestial Logic Gaming (CLG) is for Dota 2 and other games related.

Lastly, I want my birthday to be celebrated with girlfriend or a good feast and also good health to me and my friends and family members including my Blackie dog.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Granado Espada Booth Girl

The MMO game booth pretty girl gave me a fansign from SGNDT 2012! I am very surprised and thanks so much. She's called Irene and that's awesome as her small sister. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gosucup Asia #3

GosuCup III
奖金数额 US$1,000
日期 8 December, 2012
格式 5v5

1. Communication with teams and admins
1.1 - Check for times for registration, check-in and start of the qualifier.
1.2 - All communication between teams about hosting and joining should be done through the match comments. By clicking your match and then clicking "Full match details" you'll get to the match page. At the bottom of this page you will find the comment-section. Post there to communicate lobby-password to the opponents.
1.2.1 - Also post a comment when the game starts and another one when it ends.
1.3 - You may also use #gosucup (quakenet) on IRC during the qualifier to contact admins. If you don't have an IRC-client, use You may also find some of the other teams there if they choose to be there.
1.3.1 - Use your teamname or teamtag as nickname on IRC.
1.4 - After the match is finished, the winning team should enter the correct result in the "Enter Result"-box which appears if you click your game.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dreamhack Winter 2012

Team No Tidehunter wins the grand finals of Dreamhack Winter 2012 for Dota 2!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tagter is a platform created for people who is looking for business opportunities. Our associates prepared most of the High Speed Fiber Broadband services in Malaysia from different isp for all of our members to sell and earn commission. Below are the ISP (Internet Service Provider) involved. Besides High Speed Fiber Broadband, we also prepared the normal non-fiber broadband from 512kbps until 4Mbps for you to sell. My Tagter store name is Roycenizer!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Royce's Game

As you all have heard or not, I am proudly to say a very influential gamer in the states of Sarawak. I expand my heights and reach not to be the best but to be the most contending gamer in any competitions or events alike which is why my individual skills can always pull me until semi-finals and finals in particular game titles. What makes me this way? I am a very dedicated gamer and I love all genres of games. There's not even one I ever skipped and that I focus on understanding it's game mechanics making me easy to deal with lots of games. MMO is part of the greatest genre I ever ventured but there are others such as Action , RPG , Strategy , Sports and so on forth.

There was a blog entry I created called Gaming Bonanza. Am I right? But here again, I'm going to show you what I am playing for now. I'll conclude this entry with all the following game titles I purchased through Steam and Q-Tech games store.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Pink

A Pink (Korean: 에이핑크) is a seven-member South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment formed in 2011. The group consists of Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Son Na-eun, Hong Yoo-kyung, Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young.

The group has released two Korean EPs and one studio album. They debuted on April 21, 2011, with "Mollayo" (몰라요; "I Don't Know") from their debut EP Seven Springs of A Pink on Mnet's M! Countdown. The group has also won numerous rookies awards at shows such as the 26th Golden Disk Awards, 21th Seoul Music Awards, and 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their first music program win was on M! Countdown on January 5, 2012, for "My My" from their second EP Snow Pink.

I support A Pink! 8D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Secondary Cutie

My day was great today. There's this SMK Kuching Town girl which I thought was a college student. She seems rather nice and cute. I get to see her two months ago around the Spring's arcade section. It was by then, I try to wonder who she is?

Then it all come since August, I saw her and I was so interested. My friend and I from Swinburne saw her and we took some laugh. I was playing Wangan or Tekken but skip that.There it was, I keep wondering who is she? Where is she from? Perhaps to be a friend?

As soon this week came around October, I saw her again and she was with a school uniform. Then I assumed she is around 16 to 17 years old. I'm attracted overall. And I tried my best to find her details through some network. I finally found her! I was glad and then we were chatting.

What was the actual problem in this to get to her? I was actually Facebook banned for 30 days due to add friends spam I guess. It was impossible for me to add her. The ban duration was 21 days left but it seemed like a miracle that I was able to even put a message and add her as friend! How surprising could this be? It made me so happy. I was so glad. I would have to tell my girlfriend about this as well. This tells me my eye and talent of seeing girls have really improved since then. I was so happy and then it seems like I know how to respect girls already.

Thanks to this girl whose initial is "K". We are finally chatting and she approved me as friend. Surprisingly, she also had cousins studying in Swinburne. She is currently unavailable but as long I know, I am glad to be her friend. I was so so so happy. It was just like a feeling like you had a first love but this is more like friendships.

This is where I am so happy about today. I hope this kind of days can give me a way to bless. Royce, feels awesome!

P.S : She is also very happy with my blog post!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gaming Bonanza

Let me re-introduce myself. I am Billy and you could call my nickname as Royce! I have been playing lots of popular game titles and I really love devoting my times to all of these. I excel in Diablo 3 , Guild Wars 2 , Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the last game I would want to purchase would be Torchlight 2 pack. I love to be skilled in all kinds of game genre like Sports , Racing , MMO , Shooter , Party , Strategy , Adult(?) and many more. This is what makes me a true gamer deriving from Sarawak.

I'm doing my best and would hope to get a media interview on respective game titles and I will explain and provide feedback to gamers and the reknown E-Sports community.

Arms Race mode at CS:GO where I whoop some spree!

Guild Wars 2 cutscenes! Going to be Level 80 Engineer PvE mode soon! An achievement will be made.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swinburne's 1st Annual Sausage Eating Contest

Open to all Swinburne Students.

Contest is open to 2 categories: Women and Men. Both category accepts 10 participants. The objective is to eat as many sausages as possible within the allotted time: THREE (3) minutes. This applies to both Women and Men category.

When: 24th October 2012

Venue: Front of G Block

Time: 1.00pm

The 2 winners will get a custom made t-shirt, a medal and the title of Swinburne's Sausage King/Queen.

What are you waiting for?
Get your entry forms from SIC. RM5 entry fee due with application payable at the SIC.

Applications are due by October 19th 2012 no later than 5.30pm.

KMG.Royce will be joining!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tenchi Kaijin

One of the top and awesome Bankai and used by  Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto! Bleach 509 displayed of why he deserved to be the No.1 Captain Commander. The opponent is almost equivalent to another Aizen threat. The problem is it seems as if this isn't the Juha Bach that is to be confirmed at Vandenreich but has been killed. This old man has killed a lot of captain level opponents with ease which just puts him as a sick person whose Bankai mode can't be stolen. This is why I titled this epic victory so far as the living champion of Soul Society besides Ichigo!

天灾灭尽means Tenchi Kaijin!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Ignorance is bliss. I finally will obtain the skills of pure ignorance for goodwill. I have written apology entries to people I have hurt or etc but that doesn't mean I am a liar. But hey, I will proof my heart is real than those fakes hiding online or anonymously. So best thing is acquire the power of being ignorant. Thus, I appreciate my current life. Thank god and may he knows what I'm capable of instead.

“The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about”
Derek Bok Quotes

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
Benjamin Franklin Quotes

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.”
Confucius Quotes

“The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.”
Benjamin Franklin Quotes

“I am not ashamed to confess I am ignorant of what I do not know”
Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes

“Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.”
Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Exist In My Song - 曲婉婷

带给我惊喜 情不自已

在我不知不觉中 悄悄的消失
没有音讯 剩下的只是回忆

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

尽管你我是陌生人 是过路人
一个眼神 一个心跳
好像是一场梦境 命中注定

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

世界之大 为何我们相遇
难道是缘分 难道是天意

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Anime Dai-Fan 2012

Sponsored by KimBay Restaurants

●      Registration Period: Now until 08 June 2012
●      Event Running Period: 8 June 2012, 2.00pm
●      Results of Competition: During Kyanime Convention 2012 (Same Day). Prizes to be awarded during the Closing Ceremony on 10 June 2012

●      Anyone & everyone who are able to comply with the rules and regulations as stipulated. And anyone who loves Anime and think that they know more about anime than other people in Sarawak and should be crowned as Kyanime Convention 2012’s Anime Dai-Fan Master (Sarawak). No age limit.

This is a competition to test your knowledge on how well you know or remember each anime series you have watched. Also to prove that you are the anime biggest fan in Sarawak.
This is a SOLO competition.
Divided into 2 rounds consisting of Anime Shiken (Round 1) and Anime Quiz (Final Round).
Round 1:
a)      Anime Shiken is an Anime exam. Round 1 will be an exam based task where each contestant is given a set of Anime Exam paper (Multiple Choice Questions). All questions will be based on a mixture of popular anime series, old anime series and latest anime series.
b)      Contestants will be given 1 hour to answer all the questions.
c)      Contestants with the TOP 8 highest marks will proceed to the Final round.
Final Round:
a)      The Anime Quiz. The top 8 contestants will face each other in knock out mode.
b)      2 contestants will go up on stage at each round and answer a set of questions given by the Kyanime Quiz Master. Both contestants will be given 2 answer paddles (A and B) and use it to answer the questions.
c)      Contestants that win each round in that block will move to the next the next block and compete against each other.
d)      This will go on until the there is one last person standing, and that person will be crowned Kyanime Convention 2012’s Anime Dai-Fan Master (Sarawak)!

●      This is a solo competition so you are ONLY allowed to enter as an individual.
●      You are required to report to the Registration Booth on the competition date to confirm your attendance and to make payment for your registration at least 1 hour before the competition starts. If you fail to show up 30 minutes before the competition, you will be disqualified.
●      You should standby at the designated competition area 10 minutes before the competition starts.
●      NO Cheating or Copying! Especially for Anime Shiken. Surfing on internet or bringing your anime note book is not allowed.
●      Absolutely NO VIOLENCE and NO SWEARING at other contestants and our crew members allowed. Doing any of this will immediately get you disqualified.
●      All judges’ decisions are FINAL.
●      Complaining: Any whining, whimpering, yelling, screaming, crying, tantrum-throwing, challenging or contesting the judges regarding the competition rules, items, prize or contest results will result in immediate disqualification.
●      Prizes:  Kyanime Society reserves the right to change any prizes where they see fit, without any prior notification to the contestants and public.
●      Indemnity: Kyanime Society and Hills Shopping Mall and all their affiliates will not be held responsible for any injuries, loses and damages that befall the participants during this competition.

I am the official Dai-Fan Master of KYAN!ME's 2012 after beating very good anime lovers with broad knowledge! I prevail.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Diablo 3

Got my Diablo 3 at 17th of May 2012. Finished the game around 22nd or 23rd of May. Was a very decent RTS game in my opinion. Deserving storyline and also the incoming PvP patches that has yet to come. I bought this product at Gizmo Gamers as they offered minimal discount and I took it for RM208. My Tag is Royce#6213 so your welcome to add me and have some co-operative modes on!

My branded products bought from Blizzard Entertainment!

RoyceKMG at your hunting ground!

Monday, May 14, 2012

KYAN!ME 2012 E-Sports Tournament

DotA (Amateur) Tournament

Venue : The Hills Shopping Mall and Gizmo Arena OneTJ
Date : 8th-10th June 2012

Map : 6.74c or latest stable map
Mode : Captainsmode 5 vs 5
Tournament Structure : Single Elimination
Registration fee : RM 5 per team
Registration Due Date : 27th May 2012
Limit teams : 32 + 4 Teams from preliminary rounds

Prize :

1st place. RM 750 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
2nd place. RM 350 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
3rd place. RM 150 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
4th place. RM 50 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
5th place. RM 50 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
6th place. RM 50 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
7th place. RM 50 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys
8th place. RM 50 + 5x DotA 2 Beta keys

Teams Banned :
1. Gizmo Gaming
2. Rush 2 Gaming
3. Mars Gaming
4. M3 Gaming

Players from the respectful teams (lineup as of year 2012) are banned from competing in this tournament.

Rules & Regulations :


DotA (Amateur) Prelimanary Rounds

Venue : Gizmo Arena OneTJ
Date : 2nd June 2012

Map : 6.74c or latest stable map
Mode : Captainsmode 5 vs 5
Tournament Structure : Single Elimination
Registration fee : None. Pay as you play.
Registration Due Date : 27th May 2012

Top 4 teams get to qualify for the main draw at The Hills Shopping Mall.

Teams Banned :
1. Gizmo Gaming
2. Rush 2 Gaming
3. Mars Gaming
4. M3 Gaming

Players from the respectful teams (lineup as of year 2012) are banned from competing in this tournament.

Players that are caught playing for different teams will result in instant disqualification from this tournament as well as future tournaments hosted by Gizmo Arena.

Rules & Regulations :

DotA 2 (Open) Mini Tournament

Venue : The Hills Shopping Mall and Gizmo Arena OneTJ
Date : 9th-10th June 2012

Mode : Captainsmode 5 vs 5
Tournament Structure : Single Elimination
Registration fee : RM 5 per team (Free 5 DotA 2 Beta Keys)
Deposit fee : RM 50 (Will be refunded on competition day)
Registration Due Date : 27th May 2012
Limit teams : 16 teams

Prize :

1st place. Cash Vouchers worth RM 500
2nd place. Cash Vouchers worth RM 250
3rd place. Cash Vouchers worth RM 100

Rules & Regulations :

Call of Duty 4 (Open) Mini Tournament

Venue : The Hills Shopping Mall
Date : 8th-10th June 2012

Maps : mp_backlot, mp_strike, mp_crash, mp_crossfire, mp_citystreets.
Gametype : Search and Destroy (5 vs 5)
Maxrounds : 12
Mod : Promod 2.11
Tournament Structure : To be determined
Registration fee : RM 5 per team
Registration Due Date : 27th May 2012
Limit teams : 8 teams

Prize :

1st place. Cash Vouchers worth RM 500
2nd place. Cash Vouchers worth RM 250
3rd place. Cash Vouchers worth RM 100

Registration forms and details for all tournaments will be out shortly. Please stay posted.

Rules & Regulations :

Gizmo Leads, Others Follow.

This is the latest gaming competition that I will venture with two of my teams namely G3|Djan Gaming and Kolo Mee E-Sports! Both teams are sponsored for registration fees and complimentary foods. KMG.Royce is proud to announce and hope my players together will do their best!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Feast

This is the recent dinner I took around The Spring , Brighton Square! Most of the time, I frequent shopping malls after my classes at Swinburne as long the time is flexible enough to visit. I do enjoy most of this foods with at least one friend or sometimes alone. Since I met many new arcade gamers from Wangan Midnight, most of them are friendly and I hope to see them most of the time as the pros of the game always puts good challenge. Wangan King to be precise is a title for those who dominate a map. My car did achieved Wangan King title before it was overtaken. So skip all the stuff I mentioned, I enjoy foods and gaming literally. Due to my in in-activeness, I decided to post more of my awesome life that I can cherish with readers alike. And I hope I can spend more time with someone special in future again regardless friends, partner or so.

Super Value Meal!

KFC's Snack Plate!

Chicking Eating House's Steam Chicken Rice!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Era

It's been a while that my blog went inactive. A lot of things happened. I lost someone dear to me as a partner and I still walk on with my life. Quite frankly, I learnt a lot. I am still a progressive gamer in terms of DotA , LoL or maybe HoN? I fought at game titles which have standards and competitiveness. I celebrated my birthday this year with my family again without any other friends or so.

Royce is now 23 years old. New resolution , new goals and new hope. I might look the same as I were before but I will treat any guys and girls better. But I am still a very serious person when it comes to making friends or ties with.

This year around January, I attended Intel's Enthusiast Roadshow and achieved 3rd placing high score with the game Street Fighter 4 but it's not about challenge mode. It's all about arcade high scores and I did pretty well as all participants were given one try. Won a limited edition pen drive.

Around March, there was a university DotA competition and I scrapped my champion team called KMG into another clan tag called as RoG which achieved 3rd placing. Won a few hundred ringgits and Gizmo voucher. Thanks to the newly recruited veteran so I expect some instability in the new team but still dominating the scene no doubt. I hope to lead and form a strong team that is influential in Sarawak definitely. Since I have made teams that are top caliber in Sarawak DotA amateur to open tournament like SDT , KMG , RoG which are achieving teams locally. My aim is to win as much amateur DotA competitions regardless which cyber cafe or events organized. Of course I could pose a great threat to powerhouses in Sarawak if the time is right. What's needed is teamplay , efforts , determination to form a good or decent team.

Won League of Legend's Dominion event as well beating a League of Legend's team which got champion at the 3v3 which my team was suppose to be registered but due to lack of player so skipped for Dominion mode instead. From how I see, I have created and indirectly gathered all the top players to the strongest LoL team in Sarawak which resides in Kuching city. I believe we can maintain first to second place the very least.

I will start blogging back some foods as well as to spice up the blog's specialty. And to someone who was dear to me as well, please forgive me for what I done. But sometimes, as a girl you need to drop your pride just to get along as friend which I can make sure it's really good. We were close for years half and always remember that I do loved you before and perhaps still keep a part of you in my heart. Don't make my advises I taught you go to waste at least. Shine it on your own path as I endure the pain and whatever it is. I suggest any girls to watch movie of The Vow as well. Understand those plots in the movie were the struggles of true love but I am also trying to find this movie back to watch. I hope to achieve that in near future no matter how hard it goes. I guess some of my friends will be sure who I mentioned on. This is a sincere post to that dedicated one who still dislikes me but hopefully can confess what she did wrong in a matured conclusion someday.

And thanks to friends who acknowledged my part time gaming career. I earn a few hundred bucks of ringgit and is on top of Sarawak. I have potential gaming teams but not to the extent that my players had to train really hard. They all are my precious team mates to win something as long they are approved by my eyesight!

Watched Marvel's Avengers at 27th April 2012 at The Spring's MBO on the first day released.