Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Feast

This is the recent dinner I took around The Spring , Brighton Square! Most of the time, I frequent shopping malls after my classes at Swinburne as long the time is flexible enough to visit. I do enjoy most of this foods with at least one friend or sometimes alone. Since I met many new arcade gamers from Wangan Midnight, most of them are friendly and I hope to see them most of the time as the pros of the game always puts good challenge. Wangan King to be precise is a title for those who dominate a map. My car did achieved Wangan King title before it was overtaken. So skip all the stuff I mentioned, I enjoy foods and gaming literally. Due to my in in-activeness, I decided to post more of my awesome life that I can cherish with readers alike. And I hope I can spend more time with someone special in future again regardless friends, partner or so.

Super Value Meal!

KFC's Snack Plate!

Chicking Eating House's Steam Chicken Rice!

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