Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Era

It's been a while that my blog went inactive. A lot of things happened. I lost someone dear to me as a partner and I still walk on with my life. Quite frankly, I learnt a lot. I am still a progressive gamer in terms of DotA , LoL or maybe HoN? I fought at game titles which have standards and competitiveness. I celebrated my birthday this year with my family again without any other friends or so.

Royce is now 23 years old. New resolution , new goals and new hope. I might look the same as I were before but I will treat any guys and girls better. But I am still a very serious person when it comes to making friends or ties with.

This year around January, I attended Intel's Enthusiast Roadshow and achieved 3rd placing high score with the game Street Fighter 4 but it's not about challenge mode. It's all about arcade high scores and I did pretty well as all participants were given one try. Won a limited edition pen drive.

Around March, there was a university DotA competition and I scrapped my champion team called KMG into another clan tag called as RoG which achieved 3rd placing. Won a few hundred ringgits and Gizmo voucher. Thanks to the newly recruited veteran so I expect some instability in the new team but still dominating the scene no doubt. I hope to lead and form a strong team that is influential in Sarawak definitely. Since I have made teams that are top caliber in Sarawak DotA amateur to open tournament like SDT , KMG , RoG which are achieving teams locally. My aim is to win as much amateur DotA competitions regardless which cyber cafe or events organized. Of course I could pose a great threat to powerhouses in Sarawak if the time is right. What's needed is teamplay , efforts , determination to form a good or decent team.

Won League of Legend's Dominion event as well beating a League of Legend's team which got champion at the 3v3 which my team was suppose to be registered but due to lack of player so skipped for Dominion mode instead. From how I see, I have created and indirectly gathered all the top players to the strongest LoL team in Sarawak which resides in Kuching city. I believe we can maintain first to second place the very least.

I will start blogging back some foods as well as to spice up the blog's specialty. And to someone who was dear to me as well, please forgive me for what I done. But sometimes, as a girl you need to drop your pride just to get along as friend which I can make sure it's really good. We were close for years half and always remember that I do loved you before and perhaps still keep a part of you in my heart. Don't make my advises I taught you go to waste at least. Shine it on your own path as I endure the pain and whatever it is. I suggest any girls to watch movie of The Vow as well. Understand those plots in the movie were the struggles of true love but I am also trying to find this movie back to watch. I hope to achieve that in near future no matter how hard it goes. I guess some of my friends will be sure who I mentioned on. This is a sincere post to that dedicated one who still dislikes me but hopefully can confess what she did wrong in a matured conclusion someday.

And thanks to friends who acknowledged my part time gaming career. I earn a few hundred bucks of ringgit and is on top of Sarawak. I have potential gaming teams but not to the extent that my players had to train really hard. They all are my precious team mates to win something as long they are approved by my eyesight!

Watched Marvel's Avengers at 27th April 2012 at The Spring's MBO on the first day released.

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