Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Faction War Between Capella and Procyon

Venus Server : War Channel 32's screenshots taken!

Breaking through 2 players in Desert Scream!

Targeting 3 players with fellow Capella faction members while they actually attacked other characters o.O

Activating Battle Mode 2 : Astral Lancer for the honor point farming! Eliminate all opposing factions and civilians in this channel 32 of Venus!

Recently, i have uploaded lots of photos from CabalSEA as i'm currently addicted to it. So, from around this few months, i'll be updating on CabalSEA's screen shots and stuff. It'll only be time before i really get bored of the MMORPG, but i'm trying my best to enjoy it as much as possible!

NOTE: Foods and stuffs will still be blogged. Stay in touch! Bloggers!!!

Enjoy the screen shots overall!

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