Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga, set in a fantasy world of medieval Europe which designed in rich graphic texture and details. Enjoy yourself over the PvP challenge and exciting large-scale war among nations. Story based quest with cinematic upon completion of the quest and various sub quest to complete. Features: -Ultimate Fighting System Adopted in medieval warfare, players fight on the field with siege weapons and cavalry, besieging castles. -Epic Battle Pandora Saga is a large-scale PVP war between 3 nation that shows the tactics and strategies of the European Middle Ages. -Multiple Races and Classes Pandora Saga contains of 6reces with unique abilities, 4 basic class which opens the path to 28 advanced classes. -Highly optimized graphics and contents The first ever Japan-made MMORPG with sophisticated 3D graphics.
IGN : RollsRoyce
Job : Myrine

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