Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday's Night Leisure

A friend of mine called Clarence brought me out to have some dinner(which i had the 2nd dinner as my first dinner was like at home? -.-) Clarence and his mom "chia" me to eat lots of quite expensive foods... Owh thanks anyway XD! And also, we did manage to play some games around 9PM till 11:30PM. Hoho... just look at the foods! =x

Fried chicken wings...You like?

The Venue...restaurant view o.o

You can't imagine how much free drinks paid by my friend's -.- (3 Orange Juice photo coming out!)

Shark Fin Soup... Ummmm yummy with vinegar =x

Fried Noodles, i think cantonese specialty

Okie... that's oyster =x i rarely eat those but still :D

Fried Creamed Crispy Yet Delicious Prawnies o.o (FCCYDP style)

Your normal vegetables on a plate =p but with sauces

Ok... final blow -.- Drank at least 3 drinks of orange juice. Ask Clarence's parent =,= Lol that's just much to take! xD! But i'm all full after that... Overkill!


Jalan Song's Cyber Cafe "Gizmo Gamers" (previous was Ultimate Gamer) is our next destination.... o.o (Lol, i rarely blog at all the time to take all these photos! Just!!! Rare! Rwarr!)
OK, what you see is me setting up some Counter Strike game settings. Yes =p RollsRoyce(my game nick) has just entered the game >_>"

I took a photo of the surroundings when i haven't played any PCs yet =D

Next to my side... DotA! End game i suppose the way you look =D

Owh finally played a old game of Starcraft... Dang! I just noticed by APM (action per minute) was approximately around 97 -102 only -.- But i'm satisfied though... it's like ZOMG 4 years no play =(...

I guess that's it =D wakaka...


~Laura~ said...

Wah.. so song oso ho...where's de restaurant oh???

RollsRoyce said...

at BDC de greenhouse . u walk at the back and walk sure can see