Thursday, January 3, 2008

President SAMS Birthday

It's been a few days since Year 2008 came, no blog update though but hoho here's one now! On the very day, i was brought over to Pizza Junction by our driver Ryu with Adrian in the car. Heh... There you go.... Photos do the talk for Year 2008 >_>" Celebrating President Ian Of SAMS!

Pizza Junction entrance has appeared!

Vending machine in Pizza Junction!

SAMS member arriving one by one. Tomi & the gang!

Everyone's waiting for menu and food~!

Pizza Junction's menu... Attractive?! You bet! It's cheap too!

SWATwolf with his wolf finger! He needs pizza! = D!

Cream mushroom soup like Pizza Hut offers...

Acar Chicken pizza or whatever you call it hmm... Need to update on what we ate actually~

Banana Kaya Delight,nice to eat and taste like banana XD!

SAMS member chew the pizzas!

Seafood Delight pizza!

Pepperoni Deluxe pizza which consists of beef pepperoni and other stuffs... There's 2 more pizza which i didn't took photo of =\

Plate with pizza chunks and pineapples around O_O!

Chicken Wings! Yes!! It's Deli Wings in Pizza Hut... as tasty as possible.. CHOMP!

After all those pizza eatery, SWATwolf beholds his ultimate Transformer Binaltech Series!

*Zaps* You are "lasered" by Transformer's weaponry!

All SAMS club members finally move back to college or homes in groups of 3 to 4 cars... That's it! Thanks to Pizza Junction for good pizzas!


KOKahKOK said...

so blur eh the pic hehe...wat camera u used?

RollsRoyce said...

really blur mer T_T k550i SE XD i think it's ok liaw la for me XD