Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Spring

The crowded roads going to The Spring supermarket. Maybe the the first ranked hypermarket in Sarawak now! >-<"
Tag along with Ember with his group of friend as we walk to The Spring!

Quite a magnificent view of The Spring isn't it?

What's this doing here in the middle of a giant hypermarket? ._. It could be digging for a new taxi stand!

The insides of The Spring...

There's a car show somewhere around the 1st floor. You should go there and have a look A.S.A.P ! Next to this exhibition, restaurants! Like Sushi King...

Another view of the car exhibition or you could call it car show? XD!

Took a fast glimpse on Kenny Roger! It's here on Boulevard and now The Spring! Sarawak is getting more franchise revolution!!!

Like KL's Isetan or Sogo, hey! Here's a good place for boys and girls alike to buy shirts and everything! There's very expensive clothings which looked like a executive wearings.

Calvin Klein, Gucci and lots of famous brands of shirts and ties or even "underwear" is displayed. Buy one!

Holy Cow! Nice price comes with a nicer executive wear. This shirt or jacket would make you feel like some tough businessmen like Trump and so on.

Too much to watch of course!

Owh man! It's quite decent in price. So buy! >3<
Shoe store ._." I took a photo of a mascot. There's 2 other mascot and one of them is a very cute animal.

The view of the 1st floor of The Spring

You could see a stand where they sell Digi Reload Cards And Maxis Or Celcom and so so...

3rd floor was still under construction and me and a few friends used the staircase to reached the 3rd floor. The 4th floor will be the photo described below...

Ever wondered how a cinema looked like? I took a view of the cinema under construction and i'm very sure this is where the cinema will be built at. The 4th floor of The Spring of course!

Back to 2nd floor (it's a quite long walk for only 4 floors of The Spring) , i saw a Apple Computer store selling Apple iMAC ! It's totally expensive if i'm not mistaken.. The price should be RM 8500 over.

There's still a lot of shops that hasn't been opened yet. So wait for more!

This is a MUST! Sushi King! Must raid the Sarawak's 2nd Sushi King restaurant someday!

Went to 3rd Mile's Yew Kook Cafe for lunch!

Adrian, a friend of mine showed his collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards at the cafe. Hoho! He sure has a pile lots of collections!

Drinks Of SWATwolf, COLA!

Again, Adrian's drink is same as SWATwolf's!!!

Took Kimberley's apple juice photo o.o! Forgot take Serene's drink photo! Don't know what she drink already lol!

I ordered a " Orange + Banana + Milk " drink. Small sized and it just cost RM2.80!

Kung Pao chicken rice that i ate (Not Kung Fu Hustle or whatever lah!)

SWATwolf's house of games and pika-pika?

I sat and squashed a cute Pikachu!

Ragnarok Online poster! Yesh!

Pakkun wallet (which will bite you!)

SWATwolf showing his Wii's game Zelda latest series against a last boss with his saved game. The photo shown above was actually a downloaded Transformers cartoon movie at CN(Cartoon Network) . SWATwolf trying to remember the old times ;)!

The boss is actually Zelda's series most frequent and quite "fragile" one~!

Wii Zelda's photo captured again... I recorded the last boss fights but not every single photo of it!

Played Wii's Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for the 1st time and did well with friends.

Paused game by SWATwolf cause he got a phone call!

When going back home with Ryu's car, i took a glance on The Spring again! Isn't it a nice view? Visit it as fast as u can! XD!

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