Thursday, September 25, 2008

SKOTH III Group Stage Elimination

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The battle of the greatest DotA teams and new formed players are out to pit themselves online!

SKOTH III DotA Bracket

Group Stage from A to P

Group A's 5 teams include powerhouse from Singapore, Zenith. The other group's powerhouse would also count in like DNA-SK and also Cybertime !

Team Kingsurf is positioned at Group F where the Malaysia's powerhouse is prepared for their battles soon...

Philipine's powerhouse team Mineski is also on the game! Group L is their group bracket list.

And lastly, the last group stage would include Group N's team Fnatic from Indonesia!

There's a lot of powerhouse team and unique teams on this battle. So, keep your attentions up! DotA players worldwide!

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