Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Counter Strike During X-Mas

It's nearing 25th December once again! What i do during holidays includes Counter Strike spree-ing... Well below shows some screenshot of Zombie Plague mod 4.1 which is modified version of Counter Strike's up-to-date Human VS Zombie matchup! All CTs & Ts are under one team and either one of them will changed into zombies that could turn you into one as well and only either sides will survive! Beware of the zombie Nemesis as it doesn't turns you into either zombie but frags! Make sure to aim Nemesis at a safe place! Other than that, normal classic HE Grenade memorable throws made in Garena CS 1.6 Malaysia Room.

Double pawn with Raptor Zombie... This shows Valve's latest game product Left4Dead inspiration i guess!

As a Human, your HP would be around 150 and the zombies have 10 times more your health but your ammos are nearly unlimited! What you do is headshot them in every techniques you have!

Zombie Plague mode is specialized in normal maps and the textures would changed into some nightime atmosphere to suit the mod's gameplay.

Usual walk-n-snipe at Terrorist base at cs_assault!

Expect your enemies coming up and load your guns tight.

As mentioned, a pretty nice flames coming through the vent ends up with 2 frags!

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