Monday, December 22, 2008

Garena Forum Christmas Event

Christmas in the DotA World

Select a hero and create a story about him at the Christmas time. Be creative!

Rules and Information:
- Everyone is welcome to participate in this event.

- The theme is Christmas.
- Each member can submit only one entry.

- You have to select a DotA hero and write a story where he/she is the main character.
- Your story can’t have less than 300 words and more than 700 words.
- Your story has to be written in English.
- Originality, creativity and a good grammar will be important in the judges.
- Copy pasted materials will lead you into disqualification.

Running Period:
From 22 to 4 January

Organizer: GG.Ms

1st Place: 2 weeks premium membership and 7000 Experience
2nd prize: 5000 Experience

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:


[DoP]RollsRoyce's Entry Submission to Christmas in the DotA World

On a side note, I have done this through a bit of thinking and making some common sense in the DotA world basics. So what i wrote about Boush , The Tinker and generally submitted my essay for Christmas in the DotA World. This story would have some humors in around with Tinker's best friend Clockwerk Goblin aka Rattletrap. So it involves a lot of heroes and also Roshan's Snowman occurence in my story. Hopefully to achieve something and let the world knows my essay is part of my quality!

Enjoy reading it!

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