Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MyGarena Public DotA Tournament

MyGarena is a new based forum under the affiliates of Garena e-gaming platform network. Thus, this related forum is created for Malaysian gamers especially to get easy access to news and updates or any held online tournament organised by high level accounts mods or moderators. Most online tournaments in Garena is approved through the top management in Garena. Expect MyGarena to grow as a network under various Garena grounds such as GarenaSG for Singaporean gamers and etc!

What i wanna show lately is about MyGarena's Season 1 & Season 2's inhouse tournament that was made for fun and "normal games" not the highest level in competitive game series yet. I'm surprised to succeed in winning two seasons held by them so far. So here's a screenshot of the announcement but only taken parts from the Season 2's Announcement List in forum and Season 1 which i won was due to dced but still gaining a double spree! Then after this, there's Season 3 going on soon but i'm not going to participate as i have other things to do as well.

On a side note for gamers,
"Don't even bother joining an online tournament if you aren't fit in lag/delays gaming situation. This is a hindrance and an excuse as professional gamers/amateurs or steady players are more than READY to handle a game regardless CS,DotA,CoD4 till the game ends. Other than that, know your real stands in gaming and identify the real deal in it!"

MyGarena's DotA Online Tournament Season 2 Winner's List (Season 1's my shuffled inhouse team won but due DC so only the replays of each season will be uploaded)

It's been announced at the official Garena worldwide forum for Malaysia section as well.

Again, i do wish more people can surf MyGarena forum and try to restrict from spamming and enjoy the pleasant stay with updates to the current greenish theme that will be changed in future x_X"

Your MyGarena mods,

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