Saturday, December 27, 2008

Digimon Virtual Pet Version 1.1

Found on LYN's Game Hideout and with actual sources, i stumbled upon
" Digimon Virtual Pet Version 1.1 "

Here it is, a recreation of the old Digimon virtual pets that were on little devices that you raised, trained, and battled, except now it is for the computer and better than ever, even in color!

-It will work on pretty much any windows system, since I made it using Game Maker 5.3
-Almost 100 different Digimon!!!
-Start from an Egg (1 of 6) and watch it grow all the way to the Mega level!
-Battle online against an opponent by connecting with their ip address. (even if its your own)
-Why have 1 Digimon? Load up the game in another window and create another file!
-Tired of waiting for it to grow? It lives in the Digital World! Time goes faster there! And with a fast computer, you can speed up time!

Name: Digimon V-Pet V1.1
Category: Virtual Pet
Size: 1.9MB
Version: Game Maker 5
Vista Compatible: Yes
Resolution: 512x512
Changes Resolution: Yes (In multiples of 128)
Mulitplayer: Yes

Zip Download Link:
924.4KB Zip File:

Seperate Files Download Links:
1.9MB File:
42.0KB 39dll.dll (used for multiplayer battling):
9.5KB GMalwaysontop.dll (used to stay on top of all windows):

Credits to TwilightHero in making the game into PC but surely do hope he'll be back to program this masterpiece into the final version possible!

As there are certain bug issues that occur during savefiles and etc, but still it's a nice game to play with! Leave your Digimon AFK-ing and set the Game Speed to X4 by using "S" button and you could get a very fast evolved Digimon type in no time! Blogged this to share with all Digimon old school players and also people who like to experience and try it!

: It's still pretty buggy with lots of error issues for this up-to-date version but just try it for fun at the moment!

RollsRoyce's Digimon Virtual Pet Version 1.1

You can spam all the Digimon meats you want but only one is enough to satisfy your Digimon's hunger!

The Digimon Battle system uses the Host & Join which means you can battle using Direct IPs! Not tested yet but i hope gamers that encounter less errors in the game and manage to get Rookie Digimon level can try this...

Punimon! It's a Fresh level Digimon... You can pick different types of DigiEggs and they pop into different new digimon.

Tsunomon walking around Desktop!

Status System to check your Digimon's name, hunger, power and so on forth.

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Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

haha nice update here, din expect to see old school digi-viced digimon being 'pc-viced' XD

gud luck in geting to mega and ultimate levels wooot ;p