Saturday, December 6, 2008

SAMS Gathering

In this latest blog entry, I'll let the pics do the talking! Signs out, RollsRoyce!

Swinburne Chibi Con's Overview

Owh ya... Many anime girl figurines are displayed at Chibi Con!

GN-XIII A-Laws Type from Japan which priced from RM80 to RM120.

Ahead from Gundam 00 Season 2. You should know these goofballs x_x !

The ultimate 00 Gundam model! Was trying to buy this next time. Costed around RM40! Your favourite Setsuna's mobile suit! Orewa GUNDAM!

Trans-Am mode Gundam Exia which cost around RM190... Wanna chew on limiter release?

A positioned M16 aiming at Black Monoka.. Hmm due to the shady place, Black Monoka's nyoron eyes is invinsible! Lawl?

Went to ICT PC Fair as well...

Green Heights Mall Shopping Through!

Wind-walk around...

Can HAS strawberries?

OK! I've seen this familiar names somewhere... Where? Yes! DotA Fnatic Team aka member Fnatic.RitteR erh and should this be his favourite chocos? xD!

IT Fusion selling Wii and Apple Mac stuffs...

Back to Swinburne 2nd Anime Gathering held lately at Dec 6th 2008

To start packing up your munch, Sushi Tamago and very few cute round sushis waiting to be eaten at the event!

The actual poster of Taiga please!

Japanese sour sauce or whatever o_o!

Ramen! Taste your japanese style ramen!

Salad made of the Japanese's cuisine.

Yukata girls which includes Serene and Onineko with Tomi talking with the food carriers!

We have the actual singing performance with the overall scenes at Anime Gathering! Anna & Videl singing Japanese style lovely songs! Well done!

Chicken Teppanyaki also named as your common fried chicken.

Guess what? I'm the FIRST to be called out for Lucky Draw Winners due to the card number holder when you participated! Owh know the lucky number? 46! Yes which is basically from my favourite AwP sniper from Counter Strike. I guess it made a direct hit in this event.

You see Snoppy getting strapped with the towel as my reward. Should put fireworks for CNY? n_n?!

2nd round of Sushi Tamago rampage... Can you take the heat?

Everyone at Anime Gathering gets this special mini-gift package with some keychains and name card which has chibi Fuko-chan from Clannad and etc!

As the event is near it's end, desserts were served from Taiwan Cake House!


Justin said...

Too much handshake. It's time to get a proper camera. :)

Gamer's LiFe said...

Lawl x3 That's my Mokona!

Royce said...

Thank you for Gamer's LiFe comment on this. I appreciate the time your with me in the past.

Thank you, xer0na for following my blog since 2008.