Saturday, February 7, 2009

Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Walkthrough

Finished the overall campaign based on CoD4 : Modern Warfare which is released quite a years half ago... I must say it is one of the most epic storyline it ever delivers! It may took around 5 to 6 hours to finish the overall single player campaign which is worth the play.
RollsRoyce presents you some random in ordered game screenshots!

My nickname for CoD4 with my Level 55 ranks =)

Ooohh... i see rockets!

To the extraction point and we got companies of troops to fight with!

Using Sgt. Paul Jackson, you'll witness a strong soldier enduring his last moments after nuclear strike... R.I.P this is one of the most epic moment and eventually "Soap" MacTavish the other hero manage to end this madness of terrorism acts!

Where the nuclear flew right through...

You aim the tank!

Khaled Al-Asad is being negotiated but he is eliminated for not co-operating. One boss down!

Mile Highs Club. A special mission loaded after you finish the game. Just save the V.I.P and jump right off the plane!

The last epic final battle against Imran Zakhaev when our hero "Soap" MacTavish is downed and all he does is the last resort and to be rescued thereafter!

Pop some justice shots with the gun thrown by Captain Prince and shoot the boss alongside his 2 henchmen to win the game! Enjoy as S.A.S & USMC forces came in to carry you guys away... Game ending is quite epic!

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