Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Razer Krait Gaming Mouse

For decades, I have never realised that gaming mouse makes up for the best smoothness in gaming quality. Would prefer to have one in future! It is good to have one of the mid-ranged Razer series mouse as they provide fastest movements in a FPS game or in RTS wisely.

Another good Razer series mouse would be DeathAdder. That would be more expensive than Krait due to it's feature.

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Ishvareya ''Leoaica'' Potter said...

Please Reply on my youtube channel

My queston : I've saved my hard earned money to buy the Razer Krait , I've installed , but I can't play it with Granado Espada , The cursor will be able to move , zoom in and out by he scroller , but I just can't click ! , Any idea why ?