Thursday, February 19, 2009

Samba Zone Returns! Aim For Nice Foods!

Samba Zone

  1. Ambrose Chicken Rice
    - Assorted chix rice
  2. Sizzling Hot Plates & Claypot Rice
    - Assorted hot plates & claypot
  3. Anjung Tris Javanese Noodles
    - Assorted mee
  4. Sweet Toast House
    - Taiwanese Delicacies, assorted toasts
  5. Apollo Chicken
    - (
  6. Fresh & Taste
    - Fruits, lok-lok
  7. Young Su Korean Specialty
    - Korean Sandwich, noodle, kimbab, ice-dream, corn pizza
  8. Kung Foo Express Junction
    - Assorted Baked rice, French fries, mushroom soup,
  9. Aneeqa’s Kitchen
    - Halal stall, assorted fried noodles, keuhtiaw, beehun, etc. assorted soups, porridge
  10. Double Star
    - Local delicacies, fried, canton, tomato mee, bihun, kuehtiaw, etc. “tip zai fan”
  11. Secret Ingredient
    – fish fingers, chix finger, chic pop-corn, fish-popcorn
    - Chix steak, calamari tempura, shrim tempura, fish tempura, fish & chip

Besides the last post about Samba Zone's roasted chicken rice, I'm going to try their other stalls someday! Here's just a list which will let you choose what you like!

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