Sunday, February 1, 2009

DotA 6.59b Quest Revealed!

This may be the first or second part of the 100% quest mode coverage. As discovered, you just need to get 4 totems of different elements which is Earth, Water, Fire & Wind and place the totem nicely at the top corner of the map to reveal Tauren Chieftain ! The hero which will be released in the upcoming map. I have included a replay based on this quest at the official website as well... If you are able to type -rd (randomdraft) ingame, it is said that you'll be able to see 4 IceFrogs walking around but that is yet to be uncovered or either not a quest at all! So by then... Enjoy the "Axe" given by the boss when you finished him! My old DotA 6.49 Quest replay can be found as well! I did it with codes so to beat Tauren Chieftain manually read the notes below!

Note : Find all 4 Icefrogs; they are invisible but you can control them as if they were yours. Bring 1 Icefrog near TC. This will make 1 totem vulnerable. Destroy it, then repeat 4 times until all totems are gone. Do not send in all 4 frogs at once, as it may bug and some wards may stay invulnerable.

DotA 6.59b Quest Mode Replay

1st Totem of Fire is next to Sentinel's base around the forest. Select an area and you'll be able to click the small item but you have to be fast! Grab it and onto the next!

2nd Totem of Water is located at the Waterfall area at the Sentinel's base. Select an area around the place and you'll get a highlighted object. Pick it up!

3rd Totem of Earth is at the top right corner of the map. Try to select a big scaled area and you'll reveal an object next to the forest to the right! The 4th Totem of Wind is at the Scourge's base where my Prophet is standing. You'll find it eventually...

Crush this Tauren Chieftain after you placed all the 4 Totems elsewhere... Beat him with Dagon Level 5 , any skills you have and remember to get BkB for this fight as he stuns you easily. That's all to this 6.59b's guide!

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