Saturday, November 17, 2007

How To Cook Fried Noodle

Not much details to explain. Here's my guide on how to cook your own "Fried Noodle" Using the instant fried chicken noodle "Presiden" for the guide on cooking noodles. Let's start by following up the photo guidance given below!

Firstly, grab your saucey little thingy out of the package. Mix it in a bowl so you could mix with your noodles after it's being cooked.

On second step, get the package seasonings out and mix it in a small bowl. Make sure the soya sauce and noodle oil are mixed until it is stacked.

On the third phase, watch as your noodle gets steamed for around 3 minutes in between.

Later, mix your seasonings with your cooked noodles... Mix Mix Mix is all you need!

Enjoy your very own fried chicken noodle! Add some steamed chicken you cooked if necessary!

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~em~ said...

I wan president noodles!!!