Thursday, February 21, 2008

Restaurant Only Mee

Located at the 1st floor of the airport. There you have it! Restaurant Only Mee!?

This section is more on breakfast/supper types of meal. (Sandwiches,burgers,French fries and such)

The chicken rice and normal lunch & dinner section!

Fast food section!!!

Need chicken rice? Order then!

Owh "Yea right"! Where's the usual "Watch us make fresh noodles" when there's empty machine waiting for you n.n!

I ordered the plain chicken rice costing over RM7.90 i think.

Nice formation?! Quite...

Yeah... and again i posted the location in a better view! See the ramen bowl figure? XD

Itadakimasu!!! Chicken soup + steam chicken = *bites*

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