Saturday, February 2, 2008

Catcity's 中原 Restaurant

Yup another chinese restaurant that i'm gonna show in Catscity! Last time, i reviewed on 陈记 restaurant and for today, it's a new one where the Choice Premier shopping market is nearby!
Let me show you the photos of the restaurant's background and foods i ate!

The small yet cozy chinese restaurant view... That's the cashier counter in front if you noticed!

Table designs are black o_O!

中原's menu list

Me ordered soya-bean drink and there you go! A glass with a black straw xD!

Soya sauce hohoho! Traditional huh?!

I took a photo of 三杯鸡 that I'm eating.

Ate a lot until left one more beancurd -.- It's a rather unique style of making this braised beancurds. It's delicious IMO...

Finally! The most expensive dish out of all the dishes i took. The 清蒸 fish dish! RM38.00 and the sauce and the fish is absolutely delicious!

Say hello to the 清蒸 fish I'm gonna eat! *Chomped*

Lol! that's all about Catcity's 中原 restaurant!

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