Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chap Goh Mei

Few days during Chinese New Year, i had been to some occasions such as open house and invited steamboat meal! Haha... even though not much i take due to "Pai-sehness" , so i just took a few of photos. Check it below!

Uhhh yeah! 20 cent chocolates! Had a bet with it with friends playing Blackjack 21. Whoever gets Double will eventually take most of it. So as the photo above says, i did win it. Meh =.= !

Coca-cola!? -_-" It's a steamboat meal with my friend's Hao Jun & Heng as we ate a lot with a few of their family members. I was just invited to eat it all! Oops! Forgot to take the steamboat pic! :O !

See what we cooked? Beefs, chickens, sausages and few seafood stuffs... The best would be eating lots of "Steamboat Chicken!"