Friday, October 19, 2007

After Dark

Can't deny the fact this is one of the 2nd to 3rd best Bleach's Openings ever! =) The tune is catchy and it actually relates to Ichigo's power and the others while invading Las Noches. The Huenco Mundo arc has just began...


The allmighty Asian Kung-Fu Generation's latest song has brought the spirits of Bleach back again...let again the last 6th Opening's Alone, both kicks serious butt as collections of top Bleach songs!


Yea...why i'm showing this? Well basically all of this are zanpaktohs and quincy bows which was animated for the song's opening. Anyway i don't have much to write out but i hope you will get catched to the song's tune. It really rocks!~

Thanks for reading on latest Bleach's Song entry! ^_^ v

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