Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Revival Of Team

I have made and joined several teams locally in Sarawak to make myself progress and show my skills in few tournaments but there is still a long road for me to satisfy my records and winning achievements. But regardless, I'm very happy that I can battle against all senior and strong teams alike. My dream is to be a international/state DotA player as for electronic gaming sports and it is already on it's path but due to my degree studies and stuff. I may have to struggle between various stuffs which hinders my full prowess. Reasons for me to write this was to record teams that I have joined officially in tournaments and played my role as semi-ganker and supporter.

Team OMG was one of my earliest first succesful team I formed to battle at Cozee II's tournament and reached 8th placing.

Team Inner/PTK was my second team officially that lasted for two and a half months where we fought remarkably at Gizmo DotA Fever weekly tournament and went for finals at least once. Was the best formation that beaten Cyberline's team consisting of veterans whereas ours were half veterans and new potentials.

Team SDT was my third team officially that has proven to several teams we can compete on any university and local tournaments as long we trained hard. But we never put in effort to trainings due time constraint but at least clinched 2nd place from Swinburne DotA Championship to mark our team's name in history.

Hopefully I will form or either be joined with a consistent teams that requires me as main or substitute! I have many roles in e-sports so I would not just stick to just playing. Most importantly, to make more of the teams I played with more successful and stronger! In the year 2011 to come, I have decided to reform several teams and go as far as possible. As for now, I am invited to be a marshall in a prestigious DotA tournament called SUPP to witness new teams and powerhouses that yearns to compete in Malaysia for quite some time.

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