Saturday, November 29, 2008

<<诛仙>> Free Gift Pack Cards

Thanks to the game advise by fellow friend from DotCom's Dc`star`z player. I went to Gizmo Gamers as fast to obtain at least 3 pieces of free Zhu Xian Online cards as i know it gives a little bit of boost in EXP & gifts... The cyber cafe boss naturally has the cards so that's why you have to request for it! Gizmo Gamer Cyber has just around 10 to 12 of the free cards. I was able to obtain 3 and took photos of it. The card is made of holographic materials. Impressive =) !

Triple Zhu Xian card in a row!

Actual screenshots of the items that will be sent to the in-game for usage.

Zhu Xian Online's Progression

Impressive skills effect isn't it? It's part of the Family system's stats boost skill for every members in the list that has joined the part of the alliance.

Just Level 26 and still ongoing... Not sure when to retire but it's fun to play while it last!

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