Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Tournament Bracket Setup

I had recently made my free time to build up a table of brackets which was for the purpose of remembering my 2 game tournament/contest that I've entered and won significantly. I roughly estimated my opponent in these 2 brackets just to remember what I've won in the past gaming years. I guess this was what inspired me to enter lots of small to big online tournament/LAN in around 2008 ongoing... Yeah count in DotA and CS in advance!

Tekken Tag history updates yet again!!! At 2001, managed to get a Champion and i was quite well played with Tekken series but not for now haha... Basic maneuvers and tactical movements is what i used to smoothly take away the title... This was finished at Singapore's venue @ Star Cruise Virgo which organised this... And they had the Sega Rally championship as well which I've not participated... The days still calls for my awake and announcement in this very blog. RollsRoyce awakes in that moment.

For this... I have managed to reached the 2nd place and managed to played one very good match with Ryu in one song which i couldn't remember already. And the champion is really experienced with his arrow keys... I'm more like an all-range genre gamer so I understand that his really adept at music games... So I don't seem to know his nickname so I placed Spec Guy as his name to record my 2007's Stepmania progress in bracket.

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