Thursday, November 27, 2008

Garena MHLR October Season's Live Streaming

MHLR also known as Malaysia High Level Room is made for similiar league plays every few months. Approximately a 1 or 2 months, there'll be MHLR hosted eversince 2008 January. The purpose of this league is to award teams and members with Membership of Garena! Giving them the ability to get into rooms without waiting, ban powers and etc...

I have mentioned MHLR as in forecasting one replays before by Vs2 team which is also SMMDotA's Grand Final powerhouse that was able to play with Kingsurf on the very same bracket. Well for this! MHLR streaming will be announced like any other leagues or tournament such as KODE5, MYM , DL or any other tourney like LAN with streamers across worldwide. The ability of streamers are as high as platinum members. Well, you have to be qualified to be streamers too. The requirements is that of applying a real job interview. Not much to say! Try to enjoy this few online tournaments! It'll bring lots of experiences and also for LAN tournaments! Join when necessary!

Well known players in online teams giving out the best fights at Finals! Be sure to be active at Garena everytime to witness this very few matchups!

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