Friday, November 28, 2008

Celestial Destroyer

Zhu Xian Online has opened during 26th November 2008. I've managed to play it during 28th which is 2 days after. To compare it with Chibi, Zhu Xian may have better range of unique skills and effects that may shock gamers alike! 5 character jobs to be chosen once you reached Level 15! I will continue posting my highest level achieved if possible... And there's two MMORPG which is Chibi and Rohan which i would share with too!

Zhu Xian Online

Beating up a boss when Level 15... He Huan job which is naturally Assassin type. Zhu Xian's 5 jobs equals to many different destructive skills. Best if you play one and maximize it's potential!

Chibi Online

I have partially retired from this game as i reached max level. But still doing some quest for fun with any gamers passing-by the area i'm whacking around at. Chibi is still fun whereas the fun starts at Level 60 where all people gathered and prepare for wars!

ROHAN Online

Retired from ROHAN when i reached Level 30. Pure STR based Dhan Assassin. I will never forget my Assasin in the game. This will be part of my history of the characters i used! Strong, agile is what Dhan Assassins are made of!

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