Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red Alert 3

Whatcha get from playing Red Alert 3? Of course! New units, more superweapons per 3 major forces namely Allied , Soviets & Empire of The Rising Sun! Showcasing some screenshots taken from the in-game and let's you know how it feels like to touch "epic" RTS game. My rating for RA3 will go around 81% out of 100% rating. Overall a pretty nice masterpiece upgraded from the RA2 we have played 5 years or least ago...

RA3's game menu!

You don't want to mess with Empire of The Rising Sun's troop... Or maybe YES!

Soviet's mission where you use Natasha in early campaigns to take out enemy units.

The tutorial consist of 3 different tanks with their "robot talks" under 3 different country. You'll see funny quotes and shots from either tanks. They are the Tutorial Mode's instructor!

PeaceKeeper : Allied's new soldier unit with shotguns.

You'll hear "Kirov Reporting" yet again with the original Kirov Airship back in action! The smile on the big fat baloons!

Each campaign's victory will access you to the score graph concerning your commander's name with your co-commander feature which helps you through campaign mode. Pretty nice feature! Commander 1 : RollsRoyce (that's me) while Commander 2 : Oleg (the AIs) your co-commander's overall progress...

Command & Conquer : Red Alert 3 immerses you into a new battlefield of 3 big nations you can't miss!

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