Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gizmo Gamer @ Counter Strike Spree

Lately, my new modem Zyxel is installed but seems like Streamyx is down for the area connection. I went to Gizmo Gamers for nearly 2 days just to play CS, DotA , HighStreet5 etc... Well it was nice ! =) Counter Strike Spree below =x!

Gizmo Gamer @ CS

Just for fun! Never played cs_cock for like 8 months the least! It gives me the old time favourite... TNT bombs blasting on center map! Made Gizmo Gamer's membership !
Now i'm a "quite" regular player at DotCom & Gizmo as their membership card holder... So far only Gizmo Gamer Cyber Cafe has the membership card to keep but DotCom is based on the system records so no cards. ;P Fine to me anyway...

RollsRoyce's Gizmo Gamers membership card

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