Friday, June 12, 2009

Ultimate World Wide Ranking © E-Sports

Official website links : U2WR

It is with the greatest pride that the U2WR organization is presenting today its first esport universal ranking !

Nowadays, electronic sport is getting more and more popular, highlighting great champions who confront each other in an increasing number of professional competitions. The U2WR project consists in centralizing every results of the offline and online competitions taking place all over the world, before exploiting these results in a ranking based on the ELO system (system also used by the ATP, FIDE and the Armory World of Warcraft). This ranking shall follow the course of seasons as they appear in the ESWC calendar and shall be reset every year after the big final of this major competition. The website is available at as a beta version. It includes the precise rules of the ranking and all the information you need for a better understanding.

RoYce's opinion : A very good website consisting of records of teams through online and offline e-sports tournament. Still, there's a few lacking informations added to the wins and loses of a team registered in various game categories. But overall, it's a pleasant one! Indeed this website proofs to show that there's a lot of competitive teams across the globe! I've noticed my online ex DotA team TNT.Gaming that was in the list but yet a full proper details of it's winning and losing coverage. But i'm sure the website itself will do more to run it as smooth as possible.

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