Thursday, June 25, 2009

Granado Espada IAHGames

Granado Espada, known as Sword of the New World: Granado Espada in North America, is a Korean fantasy MMORPG developed by IMC Games Co.,Ltd., and published in North America by K2 Network. It launched in the summer of 2007. Granado Espada won the 2006 Korean awards for Best Graphics and Game of the Year, with features previously unseen in an MMORPG (such as the ability for players to control multiple characters at the same time). Granado Espada features a unique art style based on the Baroque period of Europe, differing from the standard “swords and sorcery” fantasy themes of the genre.

I started this game out of related IAHGames title "Dragonica" which basically makes me play the other way round! And yes.... Granado Espada had been around for 2 years and which I started after that few years for the lulz so I'm intended to aim for level 100s but let's see about that!

Will be leveling at Granado Espada pretty much as soon my Dragonica characters are around Level 30 to 40!

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