Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prontera Server Update


It's been more than the 17th or 19th war ahead in our nice Free Server Official Prontera. What's great is the challenging guilds between guilds battle them out to defend their beloved castles! Most of the pictures are basically old to new ones... Just plan to post them for memories and a record of history.


You can see from this war is that we're currenly battling KOS guild and we managed to pushed them around Friday and it wasn't resulting in good achievements. So... on the very same castle, our heat up alliance of mRO's top guilds joined in to put a big and exciting battles in between this very WoE.


This is one of our high level knight's photo and we're all raiding the weakened down castle on LAZRIGEES of the Prontera's Mid Castle. It was quite a success and we got EC(emergency called) to another castle to prepare another big raid.


Our allies of Reincarnation on their separate ways at other castles... Trying to play around o.O!


And this assassin i knew =.= He didn't put his skill bars to cover up his overall statements... So lol.. the LV71's sin GGing in our photo taking haha ^_^


Our allied KAOS and NEOS have made history of alliance and get along with us to make fortified challenges to other guilds! The history has now been changing!

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