Monday, September 3, 2007


Those unworthy players who sworn to scam for life and to ruin the game play is simply to no avail. Their pitiful acts are nothing to be proud of and also it's an act of evil. Why would you even scam when you have both your hands to play a MMORPG? Truly.... I don't understand their motives but partly for earning money or just making the dealers in RO (Ragnarok Online) suffer through their "so called Scams" They should be banished! Who cares if they are your friend,relatives? If they do such useless acts of evilness, they should just stop gaming and repent for their own "online gaming sins" . There is nothing better than "pawning these sorts of losers of games" and make them feel the real professional gaming ways should be...

In fact, I'm not very satisfied with scamming activities. No matter what... when you hear this "scam" words, the moment you think or thought of it... you'll just get frustrated enough to find out who the heck "scams!? " Right? So in my very own opinion, be doomed you lowly scammers! Play like a pro, not play like a cheater!

Basically, scammers are nothing but a fool. So don't be easily fooled by their useless plans. They had no pride that's the reason they do so. All hail the mighty thunder ZEUS and bring forth the thunders to strike them with BAD LUCKS > Scammers !!!
So in this way... my words are voiced out... all the pure gaming players! Be at ease and play any games etc RO by your fairness qualities!

The photo here states the latest fakers of famous guild... put on Hall Of Shame worth their unpopular status! I bet...


A clearer view of the fakers of the current Prontera Server. There's more than just this sort of players... Be on alert! That's my piece of advise!

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