Friday, September 14, 2007

Memories Of Nobody


My aftermath opinion :
BANKAI!!! The extreme power of Kurosaki Ichigo and his gangs to thwart the evil "DARK ONES" begun! The movie emphasizes on Ichigo and a girl shinigami called Senna. Senna was actually a Memory Rosary made to record histories and any sorts of memories of any of her long gone human body... Dark One requires her to be a sacrifice for a huge power to collide the worlds between the human and Soul Society world. This puts Soul Society on alert mode where few shinigami captains and vice captains were ordered to invade the Valleys Of Screams. The place where all the shinigami battles began.... Ganryuu is Dark One's leader and his about a captain level on par... But other of his henchmen are rather weak. Anyway enjoy Bleach The Movie... It's the 1st ever movie for Bleach but remember... this was aired early on 2006 December... The subs came in late is due to the release of the DvD quality of this Bleach Movie.

Stay tune for the Bleach Movie 2 at 2007 year end!

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