Friday, August 24, 2007

1st Runner Up

Stepmania participants amount to 16 players and this was the 1st round screenshot

There goes the music challenge!! Most of the song being randomized for the match was Gundam Seed's Pride! That song was made for at least 3 rounds!!! I even manage to play Mosaic Kakera from Code Geass. In the end, the organizer changed the music pick for the match! More than 16 participants in this Stepmania Contest. It goes with 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round and then the semi-final, final match and also bonus stage with Game Master.

Another match-up which is quite interesting! The guy on the right packs lots of handful experience in the game.

And particularly the last 3 winners from the competition gets a keychain prize a "Keroro keychain" as a small gift to all SAMS member!

Champion - Spec Guy
(Prizes worth RM20 of soft drinks and chips)
1st Runner Up - RollsRoyce aka RoyceZz
(Prizes worth RM10 of soft drinks and chips)
2nd Runner Up - Keh Shiun
(Prizes worth RM5 of soft drinks)

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